Visitor from Congolese Development Center

MRC welcomed Eric Kamba from the Congolese Development Center ( in Boston for a visit this week. Meg and Paul met Eric while at the Refugee Works ( conference in Michigan this summer and discovered we had similar goals. Eric came to visit our center and discuss with the board some potential partnership opportunities.

Eric visiting with Paul and Gilbert

Eric visiting with Paul and Gilbert

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2 Responses to Visitor from Congolese Development Center

  1. i know this was a great time with Mr. ERIC KAMBA with Paul and Gilbert,
    thank you guys for thinking about the life of refugees,here and all over the USA,however
    i would like to request kindly from you guys is to think about hundreds thousands of refugees living inhuman life back in Africa.i have experienced this life,being in streets and what else i can say? life was not easy anyway.
    i need your advice,how will i help people back Africa? if someone have idea i will highly appreciate.
    amani euclide

    • mrcaustin says:

      Thanks Amani! Our goal is to connect our mission back to the home countries of refugees once we get our Austin community center up and running. Some ideas include microcredit projects to help those back home be able to have some methods of income to help support themselves as well as other projects. We welcome your suggestions!!

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