MRC Educational Workshops

MRC has partnered with Esther Diaz to bring educational workshops on a variety of topics to the MRC Community Center on Saturday afternoons.  Sessions have been offered on starting your own business, other job resources in the community such as Goodwill and Workforce Solutions, Validating your Foreign Credentials etc.  This month’s sessions will be on Going Back To School and we will have local universities come to speak to the participants on what it takes to get accepted to our local colleges and universities.

MRC is also starting a Dialog Group with Jeremy Solomons to help build bridges with one another in this new community by exchanging stories and forming cultural connections across the diverse cultures we have represented by the refugee community.  This will help us work towards the reconciliation piece of our MRC mission.  Our first 2 sessions on this will be on April 17 and May 1.

MRC is also partnering with local gardening experts to explore farming and gardening opportunities around town.  On Saturday- April 10 Dick Pierce of the Austin Permaculture Group will lead a morning workshop along with East Side Cafe on gardening resources for refugees.

We are looking forward to all of these opportunities and where they may lead.  We will report back on these and the progress that comes out of them.

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