Be United…

A few weeks ago, one of our MRC participants came to a Dialog Group session and he brought “Africa United”, a book about how football has an incredible unifying effect in the African nations. I ask him if I could look inside and I found it fascinating what the author had written about, and how he travelled all over Africa understanding the meaning of football in the African nations. The book made me think about the importance of football in our countries of origin and how MRC wishes that our Soccer Program will be successful and have the sufficient funds for our participants to sign for the Austin Men Soccer Association upcoming season.

Football (I’ll try to use the word soccer, I’ve been trying to incorporate it in my lexis, but football is the expression I’ve been using since my childhood) is what has allowed us in our countries to get together and be united as one voice. The national football team is our pride and we cry and celebrate when they win, and the triumph becomes a countrywide party.

Soccer is a getaway for most of us, for 90 minutes we try to forget about the problems in our countries and we hope for a victory of the team who we’re cheering for. When we came to the United States 6 years ago, my husband was trying to find a place where he could play or watch football. He was anxious to go back to the field or see his favorite team score and win the national championship. I’ve seen the same struggle with our participants; they were asking how we could gather together and watch the World Cup games, when will the MRC Soccer program will be launched, and when will they will be able to compete in a Soccer League.

Their dream is gradually coming true. With the help of different and wonderful people, MRC has been able to launch the soccer program and training sessions are open to all participants who want to be part of the team.  MRC’s soccer program has united participants from different countries that were looking forward to playing and having fun on the football field. Now we need to raise funds to sign the team with the Austin Men Association to compete in one of their leagues.  Like Nelson Mandela said “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”, a good head to score the goals and to help us find ideas on how to fund MRC’s Soccer Program, a good heart to play and run across the field and to contribute to a dream.

Yubelly Perez

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