MRC Sewing Program

The MRC Sewing Program is one of our most popular programs we offer.  Every Saturday at the MRC Community Center, at least 30 participants from countries such as Burundi, Congo, Bhutan, Iraq, and Sudan gather to learn to sew clothing and other accessories.

Using donated fabric our participants create beautiful ethnic based clothing for themselves and their families.  These women below are making clothes for their children.

This provides a sense of community and empowerment.  It is beautiful to watch the participants communicate and share sewing tips across cultures with often times very little English.

After completing and mastering the basic sewing instruction provided by our sewing program leaders Sarah Stranahan and Jeannie Rohn, participates receive their own sewing kit complete with basic supplies.  Below are two of our long-term participants receiving their kits. Dilli is from Nepal and Sylvia is from Burundi.  Both have made great progress and regularly make beautiful clothes each week.   Sylvia is pictured in one of the dresses she made through our program.

There are many ways you can contribute to this program.  We always need cotton fabric donations as well as sewing supplies.  Sewing machines in good working order are also appreciated.  We are also seeking volunteers who have skills in sewing to join our sewing program and help share the joy with others in learning a new skill.

You can find out more about our community center and volunteer opportunities on our website at and make a donation at

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  1. Looks like an awesome sewing program!

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