Back to School Drive

It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks school will be starting. In Austin many of our refugee kids will be attending school for the first time. You might be able to relate how hard it is to attend a new school, but imagine attending a new school in a new country where they don’t speak your language.

I was having a conversation with the little Bhutanese girl’s mom in the picture above and asked her a question, I ask many of our new arrivals.  “What do you like best about America”?  I typically get answers like , the food is plentiful, people have computers or everyone has nice apartments , with a car and there is an opportunity for work. But her response was different.  She said, “What I like most about America is my daughter will be able to attend school beyond the 6th grade and she will be able to pursue the career of her dreams”.

Area faith communities do go a good job at getting used clothes and shoes for kids. Because of this MRC is not seeking clothes donations.  In addition, the school district provides a very basic school supply kit.

We at MRC are concerned about some gaps in some specific areas that need to be available for our refugee kids to be successful and need your help.  We want to focus on a few items that will not be provided for the kids but are essential to their education.  We would like to give the older kids a English to Arabic, English to French or English to Nepali dictionary. We want to make sure that they have adequate supplies not just very basic. We want to make sure they have a working calculator. We want to build up a emergency fund so that kids with parents that are unemployed and on food stamps don’t miss out on school events that require a fee. Please help refugee kids by making a donation on our web site: so we can get them better prepared for the new school year.

-Nate Kreutter, MRC Board Member

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