A beautiful Multicultural Refugee Coalition day….

Today was a truly beautiful Multicultural Refugee Coalition day filled with education, community and reconciliation.

The morning started with our MRC Refugee Mens Soccer Team having the opportunity to play the Austin Mens Soccer Association Rangers Team as a fundraiser to help us raise the funds to support us the the league.  Thank you to Alex and Tom Linehan for organizing this game.  A great time was had by all and our team enjoyed a win of 3-2.

MRC and AMSA Rangers Soccer Game

This afternoon Melissa Helber of Refugee Services of Texas went out of her way to help me locate one of the Burmese refugees who has had years of agricultural experience and we knew would benefit from our upcoming MRC/Citizen Gardener classes starting on Saturday.   We enjoyed the afternoon listening to his dreams of creating sustainable agricultural practices here just as he had done in his home country of Burma.  We look forward to our upcoming gardening classes and the community garden plots at the Festival Beach Community Gardens.  Thank you to Dick Pierce of Austin Permaculture and the Sustainable Food Center for helping us to facilitate this wonderful opportunity.

This evening we were invited out to the Amala Foundation Global Youth Peace Summit in Wimberly for our founders- Johnson Doe and Paul Tiah- to speak to the 80 person youth camp of their journey as refugees from Liberia and their peace and reconciliation efforts that have led them to be the best of friends and the foundation of MRC.  The camp is made up of refugees and youth from Austin and around the world coming together to learn peace and respect from one another.   It is a beautiful experience and we are very grateful to have had the chance to be a part of it.  Thank you to  Cindy Zieve and Linda Freiheit for facilitating this opportunity.  Below are a few pictures from the camp…

Johnson Doe, Cindy Zieve and Paul Tiah

Vanessa Stone of Amala Foundation introducing Johnson and Paul

Johnson Doe speaking to the youth

Paul speaking to the youth

Johnson and Paul with Iraqi refugee youth

Johnson and Paul with Martha Ward, Refugee Services Program of Health and Human Services Commission

Johnson and Paul with Sofia Casini, Director of Refugee Services of Texas

We are truly grateful for all of these opportunities to carry out our mission.  A beautiful day indeed for Multicultural Refugee Coalition.

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