Poem by Keshav Ghimirey- Bhutanese refugee settled to Austin

Bear-footed, hungry stomach, with no national identity, we are refugee

Hunted by both the Government and the God, we are refugee//


Deserting lovely house without being noticing dusk, dawn or starless night,

vacating our dwelling place with bear foot and without a grain of rice in stomach, we are refugee//


Roofing under the deep blue skies and bared earth as loving bed,

Young, old, adult , maiden and all we are refugee//


Hopes, aspiration entangled till we are alive and difficult to forget awesome panic,

Deserting homeland enridden upon relatives corpse without being mercy, we are refugee//


No signals of Human Rights, no place to report our claim,

Survival, we beg for Human Right, we are refugee//


No regret of bygone days, shattered with tears and blood,

We opt for freedom now, we are refugee//


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2 Responses to Poem by Keshav Ghimirey- Bhutanese refugee settled to Austin

  1. How moving!

    The Nepali TImes is running pieces about Bhutanese Refugees Abroad and in Nepal, if anyone is interested:

    New Home – http://www.nepalitimes.com.np/issue/2011/01/21/Nation/17868

    There’s No Looking Back –

    We will Struggle for Full Democracy –

  2. Oops, the middle link is not what wanted to post.

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