Poem by Keshav Ghimery in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps

MRC celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps with the Heart of Texas Returned Peace Corps Volunteers on March 5th with a day of service at the MRC Community Center.  We look forward to sharing pictures and a recap of that day very soon but wanted to share a very special poem written in honor of this day by Keshav Ghimery, from Bhutan.

Volunteer Service For Better Community


Personal, society and for the country well being, cultivate the habit of social work, my friend .

Spread the relation of brotherhood throughout the world, my friend.

Everybody survives for one-self, culminate the habit to sustain to others .

Social welfare work is not new, quicken to serve for society, my friends.

Idea, wisdom, techniques if shared, can  prosper further .

Life is a challenge, so let us do something and move ahead, my friends.

We don’t have anything to aspect from society,  let us give something  from our side.

Pack bags of Prosperous, happy and enlighten wisdom, my friends.

The rosy and rainy bygone days give support to forget the present sad and happy days.

A chance comes for one in life, try culminate to be social volunteer, my friends.



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One Response to Poem by Keshav Ghimery in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps

  1. Felix Delgado says:

    This inspiring poem is similar to the founations of my faith.Judaism maintains specific duties for Jews;on the other,it maintains the ideal of the universal brotherhood of man.A Jew is first a member of his community,after developing himself to his full potential,he is best fitted to play his part as a member of the wider brotherhood of man.My faith emphasises the kinship of the human race and the sanctity of human life and freedom.I can totally relate to this wonderful poem.Peace be upon you my dear friend Keshav Ghimery.

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